Bumble and bumble.


To this day, Bumble and bumble is known for cultivating creativity whilst remaining deeply and passionately dedicated to the craft of hairdressing.

Bumble and bumble began as an NYC salon where it clipped, colored and styled its way into prominence with a legendary editorial team, a strong design ethic, a network of like-minded salons and extraordinary products (coveted by hairdressers, actors, models, and beauty junkies worldwide).

Bumble and bumble spends a lot of time at shoots, fashion shows, TV, and film – serving as the ultimate testing ground where it develops its most innovative ideas. Its goal is to develop tools that hairdressers can use editorially to be mixed and layered to produce a broad range of effects (which today is virtually limitless).

Bumble and bumble works to help clients who want to do more than typically change their cut/color a few times in their life, but rather be a muse who lives in constant chameleon-like evolution. Making-over a muse entails a total transformation—coordinated cut, color, and multiple styling sessions every few months.